Sports Triv-ology

Sports Triv-ology

For Android TV. First-to-BUZZ multiplayer VS trivia game for your TV! Triv-ology™ contains 3600 America Professional Sports questions. Up to 9 players can challenge each other.

Everybody can play!
- Remote
- Gamepads
- Keyboard
- Triv Pad app for phone, tablet, iPad, etc.!

Get there FREE TRIV PAD app to play using your phone!

Triv Pad is also available in the Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore. Search "Triv Pad"

The game has 4 rounds:

Round 1:
First-To-Buzz for 8 questions. Last winner choices next category.

Round 2:
Players bid on 5 questions only seeing the category and difficulty.

Round 3:
First-To-Buzz for 8 questions with double points!

Round 4:
Final round, each player (from losing to winning) choices a category and makes a wager.

- 3600 quality, researched trivia questions.
- Up to 9 players can play using remotes, gamepads, keyboards, phones, and tablets
- NO user submitted questions.
- NO multiple choice.
- NO lame questions.

What other question categories and features do you want for Triv-ology?